July 2016: Wiep Scheper obtains grant from the ZonMW program MKMD to establish a 3D human neuron model to study tau pathology. Collaborators are Vivi Heine (iPSC center CNCR) and Leo Price (OcellO, Leiden).

June 2016: Wiep Scheper is awarded with a grant from the Canadian Weston Brain Institute to investigate UPR activity as diagnostic marker. Collaborators are Charlotte Teunissen (Clinical Chemistry) Wiesje van der Flier (Alzheimer Center) and Jeroen Hoozemans (Neuropathology), all at VUmc.


September 2016: John Alam and Wiep Scheper publish a perspective on the potential use of P38 MAPK inhibitors to activate autophagy for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease in Autophagy.

J. Alam and W. Scheper (2016) Targeting neuronal MAPK14/p38α activity to modulate autophagy in the Alzheimer disease brain. Autophagy in press