The future of research is determined by the training of students today. The Functional Genomics department is committed to enable young talented researchers to develop their skills to form the next generation of neuroscientists. We train students of all levels (BSc, MSc and PhD).

We are highly involved in the teaching of the:

We also organize courses and lectures in the Dutch bachelor programs at the VU university:

  • Biomedische wetenschappen
  • Gezondheid & Leven
  • Biologie
  • Gezondheidswetenschappen

The department of Functional Genomics is an excellent environment for student internships and master thesis projects. We offer multidiscpinary projects on presynaptic biology and secretory vesicle trafficking.
Please check our webpage for more details.

PhD students are the largest group of researchers in our department, we train over 25 students in a given year. Our PhD students form an active international community with cutting-edge collaborative projects and are part of the graduate school ONWAR.