Master Neuroscience


Brain disorders, in particular neurodegenerative diseases and mental illnesses, are among the most prevalent and debilitating diseases of our time. They are typically caused by the interplay of environmental factors and genetic variation in multiple genes, which is currently being mapped by major international initiatives. Future brain research should therefore focus on integrative projects as a next step in characterizing this complex environmental/genetic interplay and in revealing how it translates into brain function and/or disease. To succeed, we need a new generation of neuroscientists capable of integrating information from genes and proteins to synapses, and from networks up to complex brain function and dysfunction. Are you ready for the challenge?

The master

We provide students with the knowledge, skills and insight they need to operate as a professional within the field of neurosciences. An independent professional that will be a suitable candidate for a PhD position. Having completed the programme, you will have developed a critical scientific approach and an awareness of the ethical and societal aspects of neurosciences.

The programme

The Master’s in Neurosciences is a two-year, full-time programme. Teaching comprises lectures, research seminars, work groups, demonstrations, lab visits and practicals.

  • First year
    The first year consists of compulsory courses, to give you a thorough grounding in relevant disciplines. These courses are followed by a 5-month work placement. You will have a wide range of work placement opportunities to choose from, within the VU Amsterdam and affiliated institutes.
  • Second year (research specialization)
    The second year consists of optional courses, to expand your knowledge of certain areas. We have constructed three tracks, which give you a perfect start as a researcher in a particular field of neurosciences.

You can choose one of the following tracks, each consisting of 4 courses (For more details, see study guide):

  • Fundamental Neurosciences
  • Genetics in Neurosciences
  • Clinical and Translational Neurosciences

In addition, to these tracks, you can compose your own set of 4 optional courses.
During the last six months of the programme you carry out your second work placement. The programme encourages you to complete your second traineeship outside VU Amsterdam, and if possible, at an institute abroad.

Career prospects

The vast majority (70%) of graduates of the Master’s programme in Neurosciences go on to join a PhD programme either at VU Amsterdam or at another academic institute in the Netherlands or abroad.

The master degree gives access to a number of PhD degree programmes at VU Amsterdam or elsewhere. For more information on PhD programmes and Research Schools please refer to this website.

You find more information on our master by clicking this link.