Current funding:
2014-2018: Memorabel program ZonMW and Alzheimer Nederland (Deltaplan Dementie) “The UPR in the cell-to-cel spreading of tau pathology in dementia”

2014-2017: Stellar Neurodegeneration project (Janssen pharmaceuticals): “Reducing tau pathology by targeting UPR mediated signaling”

2015-2018: Internationale Stichting Alzheimer Onderzoek:”Genetic Riskfactors and Proteostasis in Alzheimer’s Disease”

2016-2018: Joined Program in Neurodegenerative Disease (JPND): “Development of a novel multicellular in vitro model of Alzheimer’s disease-like Blood-Brain Barrier”

2016-2018: Weston Brain Institute: “UPR activity as early biomarker for tauopathies”.

2017-2021: ZonMW Meer kennis met minder dieren (MKMD):”A 3D neuronal stem cell screening platform for early drug discovery for Alzheimer’s disease”