Mechanisms of secretory vesicle trafficking and recycling


Maria Pons-Vizcarra (PhD student 2016-2020)
Maria worked on the nanodomains of vesicle docking in mouse adrenal chromaffin cells. She also pioneered procedures for high pressure freezing and correlative light electron microscopy on the round cells. Maria is a proud Catalan, she loves football, food and human towers.

Sonia Vazquez-Sanchez (PhD student 2013-2018)
Sonia studied the role of endosome sorting complexes in neuronal function and tau pathology. She has now moved from rainy Amsterdam to sunny San diego to join the lab of Don Cleveland as a post-doctoral researcher. Sonias favourite lunch is grey stew/broth contained in old pickle jars.

Girish Kedar (PhD student 2012-2017)
Girish analysed the role of synaptotagmin-1 and MUNC18-1 in docking and post docking processes in chromaffin cells. For this he closely worked together with Anders Munch in the lab of Jakob Sorensen. Girish loves dancing and he is really good at it!

Julia Kurps (PhD student 2010-2015)
Julia addressed the role of VTI1A and MUNC18-1 in the organisation of docking sites in chromaffin cells. She also initiated the work on actin and phosphoinositide regulation by MUNC18, which was later followed up by Maria. Julia get most of her inspiration from My Little Pony cartoons.