The University Research Fellowship is a program developed by the VU as an appreciation and a public tribute to the university’s most excellent scientists. Each year the appointed scientists award the best student of their choice with the URF.

The attribution of the URF is reserved for scientists who are recognized for their extraordinary contributions to their disciplines through the receipt of on of the following grants of distinction:

NWO Spinozapremie
KNAW Academy Professor Prize
ERC Advanced Grant
VU University Professors

Matthijs Verhage has had the opportunity to appoint a University Research Fellow since 2013. Since this point the URF has provided the FGA department with the opportunity to organize many different outreach programs.

The University Research Fellows are:

Hanna Lammertse and Annemiek van Berkel (2017/2018)
Jessica Classen (2016/2017)
Alessandro Moro (2015/2016)
Rhode van Westen-Erbrink (2014/2015)
Claudia Persoon (2013/2014)