CNCR STXBP1 team wins social media challenge

14 March 2022

This February, the Orphan Disease Center challenged researchers worldwide to share social media posts about the rare disease they are working on . The three most creative and popular posts were selected as winners on Feb.28th, Rare Disease Day 2022. The CNCR STXBP1 team is one of the winners

At the FGA lab, the rare disease STXBP1 Syndrome is studied by a large group of researchers. The team contributed to the challenge with a video about the daily ongoings in the lab, which was selected as one of the winning contributions. It shows several of the techniques used to study STXBP1 Syndrome, ranging from growing neurons in a dish to RNA research.

See the video on the lab’s twitter account, or the website of the Orphan Disease Center.