STXBP1 team attends first SIFM meeting in Philadelphia, USA

12 July 2019

Dr. Mala Misra-Isrie and PhD students Annemiek van Berkel and Hanna Lammertse were given the opportunity to attend and present their work at the first STXBP1 Investigators and Family Meeting.

The first meeting day was dedicated to investigators in the field of STXBP1 research. More than 50 investigators and industry representatives from across the world attended the meeting and presented their work. From the VU/VUmc team, Annemiek van Berkel gave a presentation about our recent published work on the STXBP1-E mouse model as well as the development of our research lines. It was inspiring to hear the current hot topics in the field and discuss new ideas on how to better understand STXBP1-E. The meeting was a great opportunity to meet other researchers and to discuss new collaborations.

On Saturday, June 22nd, investigators met families and caregivers at the Sheraton University Center for a day of presentations about STXBP1 research aimed at the non-scientific community. Over 50 STXBP1 patient families participated. Hanna Lammertse gave a presentation on this day. For those who were unable to attend the meeting, the second day of the event was recorded and can be watched via YouTube.

We want to thank the STXBP1 Foundation for the organization of this meeting. Seeing so many patient families and discussing current research progress motivates us even more to continue our work.