PhD Student Claudia Persoon (FGA) wins poster price

20 November 2017

During the 5th Clinical Genetics Science meeting, Claudia won the price for best poster, a €500 stipendium, for her poster on the role of RIM proteins in neuropeptide release in the brain

The Science meeting is an annual event where physicians and scientists in Clinical Genetics meet and share their work and experiences. Several FGA lab members contributed to this year’s lustrum meeting and presented their work in TED talks and at the poster sessions.

The jury: We were pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the work presented by these bright and talented young scientists. We did grave injustice to all of them because we had very limited time to make our judgment, for which we apologize. We not only judged the presentation of the work on the posters but also considered the whole project behind the presented poster (scientific quality, originality, relevance), and we interviewed the young scientists.
Claudia Persoon (VUmc) studied a fundamental process at our synapses, using state of the art methods and technology, including sophisticated optical methods, and with potential translatability to patient care. She received the poster award for “RIM proteins are required for neuropeptide secretion in the brain.”

The second award went to Céline Koster (AMC).