Million dollar bike ride: teams raise more than 20.000 euro

14 June 2022

On Saturday 11th of June we successfully biked the Dutch-Belgian million dollar bike ride, a fundraising event to raise money for research towards STXBP1-Encephalopathy!

Our teams consisted of researchers and clinicians from the Functional Genomics department of the VU, the Human Genetics department of Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam Neuroscience, University of Antwerp and Antwerp University Hospital (Belgium); as well as patient families. They biked more than 80 kilometers to the halfway point between our labs in Amsterdam and Antwerp where they were welcomed by supporters, patient families and colleagues.

We would like to thank all participants for their great achievement, and everyone for their support and donations. Especially the CNCR for contributing €1000 and Amsterdam Neuroscience for a €3000 donation! It has been truly amazing to see the overwhelming support for our cause! In total we raised 10.000 euros through donations, which will be doubled by Penn State University.

All donations will be transferred to the Million Dollar bike ride organization in the US (team STXBP1). The Penn Medicine Orphan Disease Center will distribute the funds to the international scientific community through grant proposal applications, and manage progress of the science and spending of the funds. See the MDBR website for more information.