2015 lab-outing @Lake Garda, Italy.

2001 The FGA department was established in September 2001 when a small team moved from Utrecht to Amsterdam, populating the newly built lab space at the A4 location of the W&N building and starting the Functional Genomics department with funding from both VU University and VU medical center (VUmc).


Currently, FGA consists of 50-60 people (PhD-students, post-docs, academic staff, technicians and management staff) with 5-10 rotating master & bachelor students.



2016 Left: Swati, Linda & Matthijs hanging out with Patrik Verstreken (Leuven, Belgium) at the Gordon Conference on Protein Processing, Trafficking & Secretion @Colby Sawyer, New Hampshire. Patrik & Matthijs are wearing the honorary decorations (Mardi Grass-style beads necklace) they had just received at the closing ceremony, for giving a lecture on his birthday (Patrik) and for finishing his lecture in time within a one second margin and for his story on brushing teeth with a Noble laureate (Matthijs). Right: Javier hanging out with his friends.

2016 Dinner at the IJ-shore after the joint meeting of the Dense Core Vesicle team with the in vivo imaging team of Thomas Kuner, Johannes Knabbe and Joris Nassal (University of Heidelberg, Germany)


2016 Guus & Matthijs dressed up appropriately during the farewell party for Oliver Stiedl, who was a team leader at both their departments from 2005-2016.

2016 Nathalie Sans posing with Ruud & Matthijs at PhD-defence of Fatima Farzana