• Niels R. Reinders (Shisa proteins in synaptic plasticity), currently at University Utrecht
• Ioannis Kramvis (hippocampal and PFC plasticity related to depression)
• Danai Riga (comorbidity of depression & alcohol use disorder; subtypes of depression, cognitive control) currently with a Veni working at UMC Utrecht
Priyanka Rao-Ruiz (learning & memory; AMPA receptor regulation), currently independent group leader at the CNCR

PhD students:

• Elena Marchisella (2021), former IN-SENS trainee, currently working at Frontiers (journal development specialist)
• Leonidas Faliagkas: Effects of Propranolol on memory reconsolidation
• Demirhan Çetereisi (2020): Dissecting the role of Gpr158 in the brain
• Yongmei (Sonya) Sun (2018): Animal models on the Yin and Yang of opioids and alcohol
• Leanne Schmitz (2018): Functional characterization of the AMPA receptor interacting proteins Shisa6 and Shisa7. Currently at Catalyze.
• Nikhil Pandya (2017): Structural and functional characterization of glutamate receptor complexes Currently at Roche, Basel.
• Danai Riga (2017): Defeating depression: an integrative preclinical approach
• Mariette Lenselink (2016): Dissecting mechanisms of hippocampus learning and memory using models of altered synaptic function. Currently at LUMC, Leiden.
• Priyanka Rao-Ruiz (2014): Synaptic mechanisms of learning and memory in the hippocampus; a molecular and cellular approach to causality
• Bart Lubbers (2014): Molecular mechanisms controlling relapse to drug seeking in rodent models of addiction
• Maarten Loos (2012): Insights into the genetic architecture of attention and impulsivity. Currently at Synaptologics BV.
• Pieter van Bokhoven (2011): Molecular and cellular neuroplasticity in animal models of depression. Currently working at Amsterdam Neuroscience, Industry Alliance Office
• Danielle Counotte (2010): The neurobiology of adolescent nicotine exposure. Currently working with Nutricia Research
Michel van den Oever (2008): Neuroadaptations underlying relapse to heroin seeking. Currently independent group leader at the CNCR