CNCR scientists receive millions for top-research

28 January 2014

Danielle Posthuma (FALW & VUmc) and Huib Mansvelder (FALW) both receive a prestigious Vici grant (NWO). They are two out of eight VU and VUmc top-scientists to receive 1,5 million euro each for conducting research for the following five years.

NWO awarded a total of 31 Vici grants, of which eight were awarded to scientists from the VU and VUmc. The Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) awards Vici grants annually to encourage scientific talent. Frank van der Duyn Schouten, rector of the university, and Wim Stalman, VUmc Dean: “We are very proud of this result. It proves that high-level research thrives in the climate of the VU and VUmc.”

The eight scientists are: Huib Mansvelder (FALW), Danielle Posthuma (FALW & VUmc), Jeroen Aerts (FALW), Herbert Bos (FEW), Marjolein van Egmond (VUmc),Christian Olivers (FPP), Martine Smit (FEW) en Wim van Westrenen (FALW).

Neurons for attention and control
Thinking requires concentration. Through switching brain cells on and off with laser light while the animal is trying to concentrate, Huib Mansvelder tries to unravel how neuronal networks in the prefrontal cortex create attention and control.

Gene networks in psychiatry
Many psychiatric diseases are caused by small errors in genetic networks. Danielle Posthuma devises new methods to detect these errors. Posthuma also examines how all these network glitches together lead to diseases such as schizophrenia, depression and autism.

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