Two CNCR PhD students win prizes at ONWAR

06 December 2010

Young CNCR researchers win prizes for best presentations at annual ONWAR meeting

Two Young CNCR researchers, Juliane Lauks and Rogier Poorthuis, have been awarded prizes for presenting their projects during the PhD ONWAR retreat. Assembled in the ONWAR graduate school, neuroscience PhD students from all over the Netherlands meet to talk about their experiences as graduate researchers.

CNCR researcher Juliane Lauks won the prize for best presentation of her talk about the function of the Neurobeachin protein in synaptic transmission. Rogier Poorthuis won the prize for best “Blitz-presentation‚, a 90 second advertising spot in which the public needs to be attracted to the presentors poster (listen to the rap about nicotinic receptors in the prefrontal cortex and watch the movie on Youtube).

Last year, CNCR colleague Margreet Ridder won the prize for best presentation on her project about the MLC-1 protein.