Symposium 10 years Functional Genomics / CNCR

11 September 2012

In September 2002, the Functional Genomics department of Prof. Verhage was founded at VU/VUmc. During this time, Functional Genomics has grown from 10 people to approximately 45 to date.

The excellent opportunities provided at the VU/VUmc and – most of all – the scientific environment within CNCR has inspired the department to be successful in fundraising, teaching and of course in science. This has led to three top-publications in Science and one in Cell.

The department celebrates its 10th anniversary with a small symposium. The symposium will be held on 25 September 2012, featuring a Swammerdam Lecture by Thomas Südhof of Stanford University. Südhof a leading scientist in synaptic transmission. After this, there will be a small party.