Student of the year: Masterstudent Neuroscience Jorim Tielbeek

02 October 2012

During the opening of the new Academic Year on 3 september 2012, the StudenTalentprice went to Masterstudent Neuroscience Jorim Tielbeek. With the price, Tielbeek won coverage of one year on tuition fees.

The StudenTalentprice is handed out to the most talented student of a year. This project is an initiative of the University Student Council. The student must have made an outstanding contribution and / or a valuable contribution to society and the appearance of the VU.
Jorim Tielbeek is the lucky winner. The jury: “He is a study glutton: bachelor psychology, criminology, Honours Program (BA and MA) and now a master in Neuroscience.” With this combination of studies and looking from a neurobiological perspective, Jorim hopes to find explanations (and solutions) for antisocial behavior in youngsters.

In Australia, he was using a HSP talent scholarship to conduct genetic research on antisocial behavior in adults. He follows an economic leadership program at the Zuidas (Amsterdam Bright City) where durability, economy and leadership are the central themes.

Jorim is studying and working very hard during the year and takes 10 weeks of continuous vacation afterwards. He sports five times a week and is member of three soccer teams.