NCA/CNCR features in VARA Nieuwslicht’s alcohol special

08 April 2010

On April 8 at 9 pm, popular science program VARA Nieuwslicht is dedicated to the short- and long-term effects of alcohol on the brain.

Menno Bentveld and stand-up comedian Javier Guzman were visiting the Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam to see if they could identify acute effects of alcohol on brain activity using EEG measurements. Further, scientific studies have indicated that attentional processing, as indexed by the P300 waveform of the event-related potential, is impaired in alcoholics and in families genetically at risk of alcoholism. The research group of Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen tested for this effect in ex-alcoholist Javier Guzman. Also, in an interview with Taco de Vries, Javier Guzman seeks answers to the question what else alcohol is doing to his brain. In addition, Dick Veltman analyses the MRI of Javier Guzman.

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