CNCR researcher receives grant from the EU joint program

12 December 2022

Van der Kant and the VU Medical Center receive funding for unravelling the associative link between exercise and lipid metabolism in prevention against Alzheimer.

The Exerbrain consortium includes the collaboration with the leading coordinator van der Kant, Amsterdam University Medical Center and Medical Center and research groups of Germany, Bartelt, Ludwig-Maxmilians-University Munich, University and Spain, IIS Institut Hospital del Mar d’investigacions Mediques (IMIM-BBRC), Medical Center.

Non-pharmacological interventions:
Exercise has proven to show effective functions in the brain in Alzheimer Diseases (AD), but the exact molecular mechanism remains unsolved. Unravelling such a modifiable risk factors could have promising impact on innovative preventive therapies. The project specifically focuses on investigating whether fat metabolism is involved in the positive effect of exercise and how this can protect the brain from lipid-induced AD pathogenesis. EXERBRAIN will mimic brain-metabolic changes in wild-type and transgenic AD mice, in human derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)-derived neurons and microglia and lastly in AD biomarkers of human subjects at risk for AD.