CNCR PI’s receive major grant for translational neurogenetics

07 September 2019

The Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science awards 19.6 million€ Gravitation grant to BRAINSCAPES consortium led by CNCR

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) announced last week which consortia receive a Gravitation Award. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science provides funding for these long-term (10 year) multidisciplinary projects, with the ambition to stimulate world-leading Dutch research that could potentially lead to international breakthroughs. The BRAINSCAPES consortium is one of the six awarded consortia, and receives 19.6 million€.

The BRAINSCAPES consortium is led by Danielle Posthuma CNCR-CTG, and co-led by Guus Smit CNCR-MCN, Huib Mansvelder CNCR-INF, together with Jeroen Pasterkamp and Elly Hol from Utrecht University Medical Center and Boudewijn Lelieveldt from Leiden University Medical Center. The aim of BRAINSCAPES is to map in detail the biological mechanisms underlying multiple brain diseases (‘brainscaping’). The 21 scientists involved in this research will build innovative bridges between genetics and neurobiology by making smart use of the wealth of results from the current genetic revolution, the availability of large biological datasets at the single cell level and the application of the very latest techniques from neurobiology.
Read more about the research here.

The BRAINSCAPES consortium consists of 21 Dutch scientists from 7 institutes