CNCR PhD students win presentation and blitz prices

01 December 2017

At the annual meeting of the graduate school Neurosciences Amsterdam and Rotterdam (ONWAR) CNCR members Marieke van Ziel, Vincent Huson, Marinka Brouwer, Claudia Persoon and Mariana Raimundo Pinto de Matos won the Blitz presentation and oral presentation prices.

Molecular Neurodegeneration team member Marieke was awarded the price for the best Blitz presentation. She presented her work on UPR-mediated regulation of the unconventional secretion machinery. FGA team member Marinka won the oral presentation price on day 1 session A, for her presentation on the role of synaptic adhesion molecules in synapse development. Vincent (FGA) won the day 1 session B oral presentation price. He presented the role of synaptotagmin-1 in sustained synchronous neurotransmitter release. MNC member Mariana won the oral presentation price for session A on day 2. She presented her work on the dependency of remote fear memory on cortical engram cells. The oral presentation price for day 2 session B went to Claudia (FGA), for her presentation on the requirement of RIM proteins in neuropeptide secretion.