Christiaan de Leeuw

Postdoctoral researcher

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    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (CNCR)
    Department of Complex Trait Genetics
    W&N building, Room B-644
    De Boelelaan 1085
    1081 HV Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

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2011 – current PhD Student VU/CNCR and Radboud University
2009 – 2011 Master Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Utrecht University
2008 – 2010 Master Methodology and Statistics for Social and Behavioural science Utrecht University
2003 – 2009 Bachelor Philosophy Utrecht University
2004 – 2008 Bachelor Cognitive Psychology Utrecht University


Incorporating additional biological information in Bayesian analysis of GWAS data for complex brain disorders

Despite the fact that most brain disorders are known to be highly heritable, few disease genes have been identified so far. One likely explanation for this ‘missing heritability’ is the complexity of these disorders on both the phenotypic and genotypic level. Even with the continuously increasing sample sizes and genome coverage, current analysis approaches used in Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) appear incapable of fully uncovering this complexity.

The aim of this project is to develop a more comprehensive Bayesian approach to the analysis of GWAS data for complex brain disorders. The main focus will be on two issues. The first is the development of a Bayesian model that allows simultaneous analysis of all GWAS data as well direct inference on a gene level. The second is the incorporation of additional biological information into the GWAS analysis, primarily in the form of protein-protein interaction data. This will both strengthen inference on the gene level as well as enable inference with respect to the possible involvement of protein complexes in disorders.