NeuroData – VU Amsterdam and partner universities receive 3.6M€

06 September 2022

The new joint degree program (linked to the Master of Neurosciences program at BETA-CNCR & VUmc) receives 6-year funding from the European Erasmus Mundus program of Erasmus+.

The Research Master of Neurosciences program (BETA-CNCR & VUmc) represented by Associate Professor Christiaan de Kock, the VU international office and faculty representatives worked together in an international consortium to develop a new international master’s program in the field of NeuroData: a groundbreaking graduate program in Brain and Data Science, coordinated by the Bar-Ilan University (Israel). This new program now received 6-year funding from the European Erasmus Mundus program of Erasmus+.

Students will first study at the Bar-Ilan University for a year, followed by the Summer School in Zagreb and then choose between the VU Amsterdam, Jyväskylä, Padua or Lisbon. At the VU Amsterdam, NeuroData students will join the 2nd year of the Master of Neurosciences program and conclude their training with the (NeuroData) internship.

Why Combine Brain Science and Data Science?

Modern neuroscience has reached a point where progress requires analyzing vast amounts of data, a skill not traditionally provided to neuroscientists. At the same time, data scientists lack specialized training in neuroscience and as a result, are missing a significant perspective that influences the quality and depth of their insights.

The program will thus provide an integrated multidisciplinary Brain and Data Science curriculum to cultivate researchers with in-depth knowledge in both fields. Students will be trained in fundamental brain science and data science during the first program year while applying these skills to analyze neural data during their second year. This holistic approach to students’ training will enable them to forge new mindsets and approaches while increasing individual contributions to a knowledge-based economy and society.

The EMJM grant will enable the partner universities to offer scholarships to exceptional candidates who apply for the joint MSc in Brain and Data Science through their home universities. EU scholarships cover the cost of a student’s participation in the program, travel, and a living allowance.

Support to the program from data companies in neurosciences such as BlinkLab (Leiden) or NBT Analytics BV (Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen, CNCR, Amsterdam) ensures a solid framework together with industry from the start.