Date, Time     Room Speaker Title
26-12-2012 12.00-13.00 tba KERSTVAKANTIE
19-12-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C147 tba tba
12-12-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-Q112 Andrea Goudriaan Glial genetics in human psychiatric disease and CNS connectivity
05-12-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-Q112 NO SEMINAR NO SEMINAR
28-11-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C147 NO SEMINAR NO SEMINAR
21-11-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C147 Frédéric Saudou Axonal transport, energy support and huntingtin
14-11-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C121 Maarten Loos Multidimensional mutant mice: understanding mouse behavior through systematic phenotyping
07-11-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C121 tba tba
31-10-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C121 Patrick Sullivan (University of Chapel Hill North Carolina, US) Psychiatric Genomics: Where We Are & Where We Need To Be
24-10-2012 12.00-13.00 NO SEMINAR (HERFSTVAKANTIE REGIO NOORD) tba
17-10-2012 12.00-13.00 HG-06A05 NO MEETING SFN MEETING USA
11-10-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-Q112 Christiaan Leeuwenburgh (University of Florida) Mitochondria and autophagy play a central role in aging and disease
10-10-2012 12.00-13.00 HG-06A05 Zimbo Boudewijns Structure and electrophysiological properties of single neurons in anesthetized and awake rats
03-10-2012 12.00-13.00 HG-06A05 Bart Lubbers GABAergic neurotransmittion in the dorsal medial prefrontal cortex regulates cue-induced reinstatement of nicotine seeking
26-09-2012 12.00-13.00 HG-06A05 NO SEMINAR NO SEMINAR
19-09-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C147 Martijn Meeter (Dept. of Cogn. Psychology, VU) Novelty in the rat brain (and yours too)
12-09-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C147 Danai Riga Prolonged Social Defeat Stress:
Modeling cognitive dysfunction and substance abuse in depression
05-09-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C147 tba tba
18-07-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C147 tba tba
11-07-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C147 Marlene Vegh The aging synapse: synapse proteomic alterations in mouse models of aging.
04-07-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C147 Thijs Verhoog Nicotine facilitates spike-timing-dependent potentiation in layer 6 pyramidal neurons of the mouse medial prefrontal cortex
27-06-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-CM147 Dirk Schubert (Donders Inst. Nijmegen) Continuum, mosaic or definable layers? Circuit organization in the supragranular compartment of rat somatosensory cortex
20-06-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-C147 NO SEMINAR NO SEMINAR
13-06-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Ellen Nollen (Universiteit Groningen Protein damage control in neurodegenerative diseases.
06-06-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 tba tba
30-05-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 NO SEMINAR ENP MEETING
23-05-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Jurgen Klingauf (Institute for Medical Biophysics, University of Münster, Germany) High resolution microscopy of synaptic vesicle recycling, a readily retrievable pool
16-05-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Asiya Giniatullina Piccolo protein variant associated with Major Depression
10-05-2012 13.00-14.00 WN-C147 extra seminar: Abraham Palmer Quantitative behavioral genetics in humans and mice: new insights into amphetamine sensitivity and anxiety-like behavior
09-05-2012 10.00-11.00 WN-M143 Patrik Verstreken (KU Leuven, VIB, België Synaptic vesicle trafficking in neurological disease
02-05-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 tba tba
25-04-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Leo Klomp, Senior Adviser Grant Desk VU/VUMC Grant acquisition: threat, opportunity or reality
18-04-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 NO SEMINAR NCA ANNUAL MEETING
11-04-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Michiel van den Oever Optogenetic dissection of associative memory circuits
04-04-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Thomas Söllner (Heidelberg University Biochemistry Center, Germany Reconstitution of Ca2+-synchronized exocytosis: Molecular function of regulatory components
28-03-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Helmut Kessels (NIN) What NMDA receptor dependent long-term depression is independent of ion flow through NMDA receptors
21-03-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 NO SEMINAR NO SEMINAR
14-03-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Stéphane Oliet (Bordeaux) Co-agonist gating of synaptic and extrasynaptic NMDA receptors
07-03-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Guilherme Testa Silva What makes us human: High bandwidth synaptic transmission in the human neocortex
29-02-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 NO SEMINAR WINTER HOLIDAY
22-02-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Geert van den Bogaart, MPI, Göttingen, Duitsland Electrostatics in neurotransmission
15-02-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Oscar J. Avella G. Mechanisms of fluctuations in the amplitude of cortical oscillations: A modeling approach
08-02-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Jan van Weering, University of Bristol Membrane remodeling of the endosomal network
01-02-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-M129 Arthur de Jong Dendritic position is a major determinant of presynaptic strength
25-01-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-D107 NO SEMINAR NO SEMINAR
18-01-2012 12.00-13.00 WN-D107 Peter Desain (Donders Centre for Cognition) Brain-Computer and Computer-Brain Interfaces: devices for detecting and modifying brain activity
11-01-2012 12.00-13.00 WN C-147 Prof. dr. M.P. Smidt, University of Amsterdam, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences A Pitx3 mediated program of dopaminergic subset-specification
04-01-2012 12.00-13.00 NO SEMINAR NO SEMINAR NO SEMINAR