This is the help page for the website, it contains a short overview of the website structure and an explanation of the editor.

Logging in

To log in, visit one of these pages:

Log in using email address and password

Quick links

The cms-menu

From the cms menu you can update the site, below you see a short summary:

The editor sheets

When you click on an editable item, an editor sheet will drop down. Here you can update items on the page. Most of the sheets should be self-explanatory, but here is an overview of the sheets:

The text sheet

  • Here you can add/change text items
  • The markup language that is used is called ‘textile’, visit for more information about the use of textile to format your texts.
  • If ‘inline’ is checked, then you can’t.use block codes in your markup.

The attachment sheet

If you change or add an image or document, you’ll see the ‘attachment sheet’.

  • Choose an image or file from the list to add the image to the page, you should see it appear immediately
  • With the + sign, you can upload an image
  • With the – sign, you can remove an image from the list.
    – You can use the ‘image link’ to place the image somewhere in between your text
    – Use the Download link to add a download link to a piece of text.