Annetrude de Mooij

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In 2009, I obtained a PhD at the Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience, Utrecht (thesis: Behavioral trait genetics in mice; opportunities for translational research of psychiatric endophenotypes), during which I was a visiting scientist at the Institute of Psychiatry, London. Thereafter (2010-2012), I performed a post-doc at the Donders Centre for Neuroscience, Nijmegen, to study neuronal fate at the molecular, morphological and electrophysiological level. In 2012, after a start in Aberdeen (UK), I moved to Kiel (Germany) to study prefrontal-hippocampal communication in working memory. I have set up tetrode and local field potential measurements in the prefrontal cortex, nucleus reuniens and ventral CA1. This I combined in freely behaving animals performing an automated test for working memory using touch screens.
Currently (1-9-20), I joined the Animal models of psychiatric disease team of Sabine Spijker to focus on the role of PV interneurons in the development and maintenance of spatial memory deficits in the SDPS model of depression.

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