PhD ceremony Annabelle Vinkhuyzen: General cognitive ability and the interplay between genes and environment

Posthuma, Verhage and Heutink receive prestigious grant – in the ‘Programmes for Excellence’ – round from the ‘National Initiative Brain and Cognition: an integrated approach’ (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research).

IQ study in science center NEMO. Researchers Danielle Posthuma and Tinca Polderman collect IQ data and DNA from visitors of science center NEMO, Amsterdam, as part of NEMO’s Science Live experiment.

Researchers Find Genetic Variants Linked to Smoking Behavior.
A international team of scientists has used data from genome-wide association studies to identify genetic variants associated with key smoking behaviors that have a significant impact on health.

 CNCR researcher Danielle Posthuma was part of the statistical analysis subgroup of the largest genetic study of smoking to date, called the Tobacco and Genetics Consortium (TAG).

Life events moderate the heritability of cognitive ability

CNCR researchers Annabelle Vinkhuyzen, Sophie van der Sluis and Danielle Posthuma found that going through major life events changes the relative influence of genes on cognitive ability. Their results are available online and will be published in Molecular Psychiatry.

G-proteins and intelligence.
Groups of Posthuma and Verhage apply novel functional gene group analysis and detect a role for G-proteins in cognitive ability. Their results are published in the American Journal of Human Genetics.