Date Topic Speaker(s)
27-01-2015 Pathway analysis of Dementia sub-phenotypes Aniket Mishra
04-02-2015 Practice defense: Breaking the code Sven Stringer
18-03-2015 Research report Christiaan de Leeuw & Anke Hammerschlag
01-04-2015 Research report Philip Jansen & Jorim Tielbeek
15-04-2015 Research report Mats Nagel & César Vroom
29-04-2015 Research report Zoltán Bochdanovits
13-05-2015 Research report Lisa Hinz & Stephanie Hoekstra
10-06-2015 MaTCH website & Biobank UK Tinca Polderman & Sven Stringer
24-06-2015 Student internship presentations Laís Hara Buenno & Marta Nabais
03-07-2015 DRINKS! Danielle Posthuma
30-09-2015 Using socio-economic variables in GWAS as proxy-phenotypes for brain anatomy and mental health Philipp K.
14-10-2015 Things I’ve been working on Fleur
Epigenome-wide association study on educational attainment Richard
28-10-2015 On the genetic architecture of neurodegenerative diseases Aniket
Multiple testing revisited Sven
11-11-2015 Presynaptic gene networks for ASD, ADHD, anxiety disorders and
other common psychiatric diseases in children and youth
Subtyping Erdogan
25-11-2015 The statistical structure of gene-set analysis Christiaan
Imaging Genetics & Generation R Philip J.
09-12-2015 Using iPSCs to identify pathological pathways in SCZ Stephanie
Fundamentals of Statistics Suzanne