Date Topic/Literature Led by
25-01-2012 Research project GenR Ehsan Motazedi
15-02-2012 PNAS, Zuk (2012), Science, Reshef (2011) Christiaan de Leeuw
07-03-2012 Student presentation ‘Linking quantitative properties of genes to complex traits’ Hanieh Shekarian
04-04-2012 Course day ‘QC in GWAS’ Danielle Posthuma
11-04-2012 Course day ‘QC in GWAS’ Danielle Posthuma
18-04-2012 NCA day —-
23-05-2012 PNAS, Kogan (2012) Danielle Posthuma
06-06-2012 Student presentation “Comorbidity between ASD, GAD and OCD using a network approach” Chayenne Halvemaan
27-06-2012 Nat Gen, Lee (2012) Esther Lips
11-07-2012 Nat Gen, Kouzin (2012) and Pasaniuc (2012) Mark Patrick Roeling
29-10-2012 Masterclass with Patrick F Sullivan CTG PhD students
12-12-2012 Nature, Fu (2012) Anke Hammerschlag