Minor Brain & Mind
Discover the fascinating world of the Brain

What happens inside our head to make us think and act? This intriguing question has occupied many generations of scientists and can now be answered in a better way than ever before. Thanks to new technology and insights. And due to the fact, that classical disciplines like medicine, biology and psychology have merged into a new, multidisciplinary neuroscience, hosted by our center.

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Targetgroup: Third year BSc students alpha and gamma topics (Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Law, Artificial Intelligence etc.) and students from Lifesciences (Biology, Fysics, Chemistry, Medicine, Movement Science, Nutrition etc.) with a broad interest. Students of Biomedical Sciences and Health and Life Sciences as well as students that plan to pursue a career in Neuroscience can follow the more specialised minor Biomolecular/Neurosciences.

I’ve always been broadly interested. So, when during my study Musicology I came in contact with concepts of cognition I was determined to find a minor that would explore such concepts. I found this in the minor Brain & Mind. The minor is highly interdisciplinary and this results in interesting and different views on the topics addressed. What is appealing about this minor is that it is really focused on making neuroscience more accessible to different fields, and it does so successfully. Step by step you get introduced in the field and in the end I almost couldn’t believe how much I had learned in just half a year.

Kelsey Onderdijk, 3rd year Musicology student, 2014

Entry requirements: Bachelor: 90 ECTS, HBO: 120 ECTS

Language: English

Coordination:Dr. Tinca Polderman
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Cognitive Neuroscience: week 36-43, 2016
Nature versus Nurture: week 36-43, 2016
Brain in Trouble: week 44-51, 2016
The Developing Brain: week 44-51, 2016
Mind and Machine: week 2-5, 2017